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Safe and Sound Grows Awareness - General Signs of Child Abuse

Darrach Bourke

· Child Abuse
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A seasoned financial professional with two decades of industry experience, Darrach Bourke works at the investment advisory and broker-dealer firm Emerson Equity. Based in California, Darrach Bourke is very engaged with his community, having served for several years at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, which changed its name to Safe and Sound in 2017.

With over 40 years of history, Safe and Sound is dedicated to building a future with safe kids and sound communities by creating and sharing abuse prevention programs, spreading awareness about child abuse, and more. According to the Safe and Sound website, child abuse affects all races, cultures, incomes and education levels, with more than 3.5 million reports made each year in the United States.

Children victims of abuse are often ashamed or afraid to tell someone else about their experience, or they do not understand that what is happening is wrong. Therefore adults should be aware of warning signs that may indicate a child is being abused, and if these signs are present, it is essential to investigate the situation. General signs that help adults identify child abuse are when the child seems afraid of being with a specific person or when they change behavior, appearing withdrawn, anxious, excessively angry, or passive, for example. In addition, changes in school attendance or performance, self-harming behaviors, or changes in eating and sleeping patterns may also indicate abuse.