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Safe and Sound Education Programs

Darrach Bourke

A financial advisor with Emerson Equity in California since 2016, Darrach Bourke has worked in the financial sector many years. Darrach Bourke is also an active philanthropist, and served on the board of directors of Safe & Sound, formerly known as the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, for nearly a decade.

Safe & Sound takes a multifaceted approach to the prevention and stoppage of child abuse, and education is one of the pillars of that approach. The organization recognizes that the adults in a child's life are capable of both committing and responding to abuse, and that education for parents and child-serving professionals can help stem the tide.
Safe & Sound offers classes for parents and other child caregivers regarding child safety and effective protection of children. These come at no cost to the parent or caregiver. The organization also provides classes for children in classroom settings, which are free for public schools and after-school programs and carry a modest fee for other organizations.
Safe & Sound also offers specialized courses, available to both parents and those who work with children professionally, on the impact of violence exposure in a child's life. These classes focus on ways to support children who have been exposed to violence.

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