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Three of the Best Surfing Spots in California

Darrach Bourke

The senior vice president of wealth management with Emerson Equity, Darrach Bourke lives in California, and enjoys its pleasant weather with plenty of outdoor activities in his spare time. Darrach Bourke is a fan of surfing, the perfect sport to enjoy on the beaches of the west coast, and he delights in teaching his children the same love of the ocean. Here are three surfing spots that should not be missed on a trip to the Golden State.

1. Mavericks, Half Moon Bay. This famed cold-water spot in northern California is certainly not for beginners, but offers plenty of excitement and challenge for more experienced surfers. Those who want to test their limits shouldn't miss these giant waves.

2. Doheny State Beach. A bit south of Los Angeles, this beach might sound familiar, as it was mentioned by The Beach Boys in two of their hit songs, “Surfin' Safari” and “Surfin' USA.” The perfect spot for beginners, this hot spot is popular with longboarders.
3. Venice Beach. Offering something for beginners and experts alike, this hip beach is a tourist heaven with plenty of shopping and entertainment nearby after a day of hitting the waves. Frequented by movie stars, the best waves are found at the Breakwater.

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