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San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center's Lunch and Learn Program

Darrach Bourke

An experienced financial advisor whose resume includes executive positions with Stifel Financial Corporation and Stone & Youngberg, Darrach Bourke assists clients with a variety of financial services as a senior vice president of wealth management with San Mateo, California's Emerson Equity. Supplementing his professional pursuits, Darrach Bourke served on the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center's (SFCAPC) board of directors from 2006 to 2015.

In an effort to end child abuse throughout San Francisco, SFCAPC, also known as Safe & Sound, seeks collaboration from companies and institutions in the private, public, and social sectors. One of the programs it employs in delivering its message and inspiring change from prospective supporters is Lunch & Learn. The educational program consists of topics relating to child and community safety and is presented by Safe & Sound staff members at workplaces or organization headquarters throughout the city.
The current one-hour Lunch & Learn topics include Child Abuse 101, which aims to teach viewers how to define, identify, and respond to child abuse, as well as stress its prevalence in the Bay Area. Another topic stresses the economic impact of child abuse, which is estimated at over $300 million per year. Safe & Sound staff delve into how that figure was developed and examine risk factors that make families vulnerable. The final two topics deal with protecting your children and the pervasive impact of violence on children.

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