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Safe and Sound Volunteer Opportunities

Darrach Bourke

A financial advisor with Emerson Equity in San Mateo, California, Darrach Bourke contributes to a number of charities. Until 2015, Darrach Bourke served on the board of directors of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (now Safe & Sound), which works to end child abuse in the San Francisco area.

Safe & Sound has many volunteer opportunities for those who are concerned about child abuse in the Greater San Francisco area. Individual volunteers must undergo a rigorous application process, including interviews, training, and specific commitments of up to one year of regular volunteering. Groups can also sign up to participate in activities. These volunteer opportunities are best suited to teams of fewer than 25.

Some common volunteer opportunities include providing child care, hosting workshops for children coming from divorced or separated families, and staffing a phone support line for parents seeking advice on how to best care for their children. All of these opportunities include regular meetings with Safe & Sound staff to discuss the progress of program participants, discuss calls, and otherwise check in on the status of the volunteer effort.

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