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Preparing for CFA Certification with CFASF Review Courses

Darrach Bourke

Darrach Bourke is the senior vice president of Emerson Equity in San Mateo, California. In addition to overseeing activities at the broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, Darrach Bourke engages with professional organizations such as the CFA Society San Francisco.

The CFA Society San Francisco (CFASF) provides financial professionals with a variety of valuable services, including comprehensive review classes prior to Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification testing. The multi-week review program is managed by experienced educators and investment professionals with an intimate understanding of both the review materials and the CFA certification exam.
Candidates who sign up for CFASF review courses enjoy a number of benefits, including the opportunity to collaborate with other CFA candidates through flexible online and local study groups. Review courses also come with a yearlong student CFASF membership at no additional cost.
To learn more about joining the CFASF review program or other CFASF services, please visit

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