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How The Big Short's Protagonists Kept their Flawed Personalities

Experienced Darrach Bourke is currently working at Summit Brokerage Services where he provides financial planning services to families, individuals, and non-profits, among many others. During his free time, Darrach Bourke enjoys reading books by author Michael Lewis, who has penned bestsellers such as The Big Short.

The Big Short is a character-driven narrative which delves into the financial crisis of years 2007 and 2008 caused by the credit bubble and the build-up of the housing market. Released in 2010, the book caught the attention of Brad Pitt who went on to produce the eponymous 2015 major motion picture. The film starred some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, and Steve Carrell. The film was also the directorial debut of Adam McKay who also served as the co-writer for the film.

McKay tells an interesting anecdote about the initial reservations of the studio regarding the characters of the heroes in Lewis's book. According to McKay, the studio expressed their concern regarding the likability of the book's heroes. McKay, however, defended the flawed personalities of the protagonists, claiming that heroes also have their negative sides. This eventually made its way to the script, which the studio found to be funny, smart, and tragic at the same time.


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