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Essential Hiking Tips

Darrach Bourke

When not working as a financial advisor with Emerson Equity in California, Darrach Bourke enjoys staying active through several outdoor hobbies. Hiking is just one of the ways that Darrach Bourke stays fit.

Hiking can be a great way to keep fit, and taking in natural beauty is an excellent bonus. Some essential hiking tips for beginners include:
- Always bring at least one liter of water for every two hours you plan to hike. If it's hot or you're headed into unfamiliar territory, bring more. Pay attention to your body's water needs.
- Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Don't settle for boots or shoes that fit poorly. Your feet will hurt and blister if you hike in the wrong shoes.
- Prepare extensively beforehand. Make sure to bring vital supplies like maps, compasses, and a first-aid kit, and tell a friend or relative about your trip plans. If you get lost, the information you leave with your friends and family can lead to a rescue.

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