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Child Safety Awareness Program Helps Keep Kids Safe

Darrach Bourke

A financial advisor at Emerson Equity, LLC, Darrach Bourke has served as senior vice president of wealth management with the San Mateo, California-based company since May 2016. Prior to joining Emerson Equity, he provided investment advice and financial planning at Summit Brokerage Services. Outside the professional arena, Darrach Bourke is an active member of his community and spent nine years on the board of directors of the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center.

In addition to numerous child and family services, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center provides community education for thousands of San Francisco school children each year. To help children deal with abusive or dangerous situations, the center’s Child Safety Awareness Program teaches important personal safety skills, such as environmental awareness, support-system development, and assertiveness techniques. Available in Spanish, English, and Mandarin, the program’s culturally diverse curriculum is available at no cost for any school in the San Francisco Unified School District and for a small fee at any San Francisco private school.

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