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Based on a True Story - Highlights from the di Rosa Collection

Darrach Bourke

Accomplished financial industry professional Darrach Bourke has served as a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor with Emerson Equity in San Mateo, California, since May of 2016. In addition to his professional responsibilities, he engages in community service and charitable giving. From 2003 to 2007, Darrach Bourke sat on the board of directors for the di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art.

Based in in Napa, California, di Rosa maintains two galleries, a sculpture meadow and a residence gallery that provides a glimpse into the world of private collectors Rene and Veronica di Rosa. One of the di Rosa Center’s latest exhibitions highlights the most noteworthy works from the di Rosa collection over the past six decades.
Entitled Based on a True Story, this exhibit ran in the di Rosa Center’s Gallery 1 from October 26, 2016 to October 15, 2017. It featured art in a variety of media from specific areas of di Rosa’s holdings that the public had yet to experience as part of a collective viewing. Specific artists whose work appears in Based on a True Story range from Joan Brown and Jay DeFeo to Roy De Forest and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

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